Shalom: (Shah-lome): Peace, peaceful greetings. Hello/goodbye


A warm and welcoming new name. As always, an encounter unlike any other. Ethereal, peaceful, welcoming and relaxing.

She is the spirit of indulgence and femininity.  Lust and hedonism. A magical place to escape the everyday.

A head turning and statuesque engenue. Arts, science, politics, music-geek. Foodist, and lover of life's finer things. A connoisseur of the senses. And a paramour to whisper secrets, laugh, connect. Exploring all the pleasures of life and creating steamy, sensual, and, unforgettable intimacy.

Your cosmic play-thing, with a devilish grin. This versatile vixen’s goal is to bring your fantasies to life. Whatever you're searching for short term satisfaction, a Paramour to spoil, or a Hedonistic escape with a trusted playmate. By the time we're done you'll feel like you've had a spiritual awakening. And you may also have developed a sexy new addiction.

The ultimate fantasy fulfillment awaits. Come explore this sinful and sensual spirit. And let's lose ourselves in each other.


"A little love is wonderful. Does it matter how you get it?" - Albert Camus