Before our encounter:

I’m retiring September 20 2019. Don’t miss your last chance for romance! Fill out my Contact form today!


Contacting me for the first time:

The best way to spend some time with me is to take a second to fill out the form located on the Contact page. I do make first time bookings by email but the form makes it's so much faster and easier to make sure I've got all the screening information I need the first time.  

Communicating with me:

Please remember that I don't appreciate time wasters. I prefer to spend my time with you, Lover, not sending endless emails back and forth. So do include all the outlined screening info and the exact date and time you would like to get together, with your first email. 

As well don't forget that discussing the details of our encounter via electronic communication is very risky for you (not as dangerous for me). I do not enjoy acronyms or menus or vulgar over-detailed messages and will end communications with anyone who puts themselves at risk by discussing details. All the answers you require are here, on these pages. Never forget: reading is sexy!  So read before you message me. It will only take a few minutes to get all the info you need to enjoy some private time together.


After we've worked out a date and time for our encounter I will consider it officially booked. I will remind you to message me the day of our rendezvous, no later than 3 hours before our encounter. If I don't hear from you at least 3 hours before (not 2 hours and 45 minutes. I need this time to make myself perfect just for you), I will assume that you are not coming and you will be required to send a cancellation fee if you want to re-book. You will be blacklisted if you do not provide a cancellation fee. 

Things happen, I understand. The cancellation fee means I am not at a loss financially for the day, and that you are guaranteed the opportunity to reschedule. All cancellations will be subject to this fee. I know it's not the happiest topic, but this is still a business and cancellation fees are very common in almost every other appointment based industry. 


I screen. There's no way around this fact. However! I understand many gentlemen are reluctant to provide all that information . So I've made a contact form that makes it as quick and easy and painless as possible to make sure I have all the info I need to set up our rendezvous. 

I do not see anyone who has not provided a legal first and last name. We can debate this all day but the bottom line is: Your real name keeps me safe, my nom de plume also keeps me safe. My top priorities are my safety and your privacy but my safety always comes first. You are more than welcome to see someone else if that is not comfortable for you. You are also welcome to request a Non-Disclosure if that is helpful.

Feel free to include as much about yourself as you'd like. The screening process also gives me a chance to see if we'll be a good fit so don't be shy.

References and some kind of verification are both required. Your reference should be from a local (to me) SP you have seen in the last 6 months. Your LinkedIn profile or other professional website/profile is a great way to confirm you are-you. Facebook is also suitable. I assure you that I will not do anything with this information and after I have seen that your info is legitimate (From an anonymous account of course!) your information will be deleted. I do not store any of your private information and the info I do keep (email, phone number, first name & date/time of our rendezvous) is always encrypted. If you're a member of P411  or TER I will still need a reference and LinkedIn/work profile or other. Those websites are great for finding SP's but they do not provide the same safety measures I require for the screening process. 

And once again. Please keep this in mind when I say screening keeps us both safe, I do mean both of us. It is in your best interest to find an SP who has a thorough screening protocol. You put more than your health at risk if you don't.  

The Day of our Encounter:

  • Please make sure to confirm no later than 3 hours before the time of our rendezvous. This is when I provide information for my incall, or when you are to provide your hotel info. If I do not hear from at least 3 hours before our encounter I will assume you are a no-show. Please see my cancellation policy above. 

  • For incall encounters It's best if you are in the area 10-15 minutes before we are scheduled to meet. My incall is right in the heart of Downtown in the Garden District. Which just so happens to have some of the best parking in the entire city (Score!). However downtown traffic is unpredictable so please keep in mind the nature of Toronto traffic. I will only provide my incall's specific address information 10 minutes before we are scheduled to get together so plan on being there and parked 10 minutes before we have are set to get together.

  • Please put the Tribute in an envelope and place it in clear view after you have said hello. Our time starts after we say hello unless you are late. So punctuality is key!

  • If you have not had a chance to shower within a half an hour of our rendezvous, I do require that you make use of my shower when you arrive. This time does come out of our time together sadly, but I’m happy to join you and get all hot and wet! I provide all the necessities, and a choice of scented or unscented body washes are always available as well as other toiletries and amenities. 

  • Feel free to bring something for us to eat or drink, especially if we will be spending more than 2 hours together. I'm a bit of a foodist so you can never go wrong with some nice cheese and fruit, or maybe a little charcuterie (or some scones for a morning romp?) but keep in mind, if you feel like bringing something to drink, I do not drink red wine. White wine and Scotch or Bourbon are always great choices. If you're feeling like getting creative, bring the mixings for a Manhattan and I will happily mix us up some delicious beverages. (Bloody Marys fans should never feel shy about  bringing the ingredients to share an early morning cocktai. I make the best Bloody Marys you've ever tasted!)


If confidentiality is a concern, I have non-disclosure agreements ready on request. Please let me know when we are arranging our encounter so I may have an agreement prepared for the day of our rendezvous.

If you see me out and about, or online under any name other than Shalom Harloe, please do not communicate with me at all. We all have lives outside of this community and my private life/time is precious to me. I will end blacklist anyone who does not follow this simple request. I thank you for your understanding and I promise to always do the same for you.