common queries

Some things change and, some things stay the same...

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Who is Shalom Harloe?

I am many things. Sometimes contradictory, sometimes full of whimsy, sometimes serious and sophisticated but always sincere. I am also an; Alt Model, shameless hedonist, geek, spiritual seeker, art lover, activist, feminist, and, Paramour. I am someone who gets great joy from what I do, and  loves to indulge. I'm also an empath, someone with an above average ability to understand others and feel what they feel, which makes me a Companion like no other. My only focus is you, and my understanding of people's deepest desires makes me a versatile and sometimes even spiritual Paramour, I live for the connections we build. I'm also a wanderer, writer, baker, novice photographer budding, Art Historian and University student.. I am also easily convinced to bake something tasty for people I like ;-)

Ok, so what’s an Alt Model?

‘Alt’ refers to my ‘alternative look’ and the modelling I've done for Alternative sites and magazines. With wild luscious curls and some large (but very beautiful) tattoos, I’m not your average Companion. My gorgeous, colourful art just adds a uniqueness that is very hard to find.

My style is inspired mostly by vintage classics, and I may have even been one of the first 'Pinup Companions' and 'Suicide Girl' Dommes in Toronto. You'll also find influences of classic art, Riot Grrrl, and, modern sophistication. I love mixing Vintage and Modern and you'll see hints of that in both what I wear, and how I decorate my incall space. Like sexuality, style should be explored, and played with, and, always growing.

You have tattoos?

I do have tattoos! Some have called me a walking piece of art. I have some beautiful, large artwork done by a very talented local artist. My tattoos tell my story and represent significant events in my life, and were designed with great care. My look may be atypical, but I assure you that it only adds to the experience and makes me truly one of a kind.

Sapiosexual? Did you make up a word?

Sapiosexual: "One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature; behaviour of becoming attracted or aroused by intelligence and its use."

This doesn't mean that I have an IQ minimum for attractiveness. It just means that looks are not what interests me. As a spiritual person, empath, and Pagan connection, in my opinion comes from the inside. This means that I am a true lover of people and their personalities, and am constantly falling in love with peoples’ brains.


Sadly, there's no way around the screening process. But I have done all that I can to make it as quick and painless as possible. All I need are your name. age, city, and occupation as well as references and some kind of verification or a deposit. The reference should be from a local SP you've seen within the last 6 months, no longer. Your LinkedIn profile, or professional work website/profile, or Facebook profile are all good for verifying you're a real person. You can also send a deposit. If you are outside of Canada please email me for my P*ypal info, Gentlemen who reside in Canada are strongly encouraged to use email money transfer to send their deposit. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to have our rendezvous until I have received the deposit which may take up to 5 business days depending oh how it was sent. So plan accordingly when arranging our time together. 

At least one of these options and a reference are required to set up our first encounter. So please keep in mind: there is nothing more appealing than a gentleman who follows my procedure and understands why they are not only mandatory, but protect both of us from people who may have less honest intentions. 

For those of you who still feel uncomfortable with screening it's important to note, anyone who does not have your best interest at heart does not bother to screen. When I say screening keeps us both safe, I do mean both of us. If you are concerned about your privacy, safety, and insurance that you will be receive precisely what you expect, than find someone who screens.

Outcalls? Incalls? Where can I see you?

I am available for incalls at my trendy, modern Condo in downtown Toronto or outcalls to quality hotels of your choosing in the GTA for a $100 fee. Outcall fees for folks staying near Pearson Airport are $150.  I am happy to discuss outcalls outside of the GTA (647/416 and SOME 905 area codes) but the outcall fee will be determined based on location and at least 48 hours notice is required.

Do you do duos or see couples?

I do! There are few things more flattering and enjoyable than being a guest star! Maybe sharing the fun with one of my lovely friends. That might be more enjoyable. It's hard to say.  Tributes for duos and couples can be found on the Tribute page. 

What can we do together?

The only limits to what we can experience are those boundaries that keep us both safe. Otherwise, the possibilities are endless. However, I do not enjoy menus or acronyms. If you have a list of acronyms and code words you require to make a booking I'd suggest you find someone who doesn't mind offering a menu. I provide a service based on mutual enjoyment, connection and hedonism, but not based on checking activities off your bucket list.

Together we can enjoy a night out, or an afternoon in, wrapped in the seclusion of my incall or your hotel. I also love to indulge the foodist in me with a discerning companion. Though pints at a pub are also a lovely way to spend some time together. Even a quick (90 minute minimum) morning romp sounds like heaven.. Just don't forget the soy latte and cheddar scone before 11am, if you really want to make me extra happy.  I am always looking for new submissives to pamper me and do my bidding. If you are looking for a Madam who has many years of experience and knows how to put you in your place, than you have found her.

However we choose to spend our time together please keep in mind, discussing details outside of the seclusion of the meeting place puts you and I at great risk. I will not discuss details via email or other electronic communication and will end all communication with anyone who sends these kinds of messages. You are providing compensation for my time, and my time alone. 

Can I bring a gift?

Of course! If you’re inclined to be extra generous, my wish list, tastes, and favourite stores can be found on my Tribute Page. 

Do you Sugar?

I prefer to call it a mutually beneficial relationship. I like to take the time to get to know someone and make sure the connection and desire is right  for a Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship. I love how this kind of relationship can lead to much deeper intimacy and gives us a chance to explore our fantasies and desires even more than your average encounter. I always give top priority to such a special gentleman and I promise to be as generous with my time as you are with, other things...

Do you see people of different genders expressions or identities?

I do! In my opinion, the brain is by far the sexiest organ and is truly the most attractive part of any person. I am as happy to see women, trans-folk, and non-Binary individuals of all expressions as I am to see a discerning gentleman. I strive to create an atmosphere that is 100% judgement free and comfortable for you to be exactly who you are, no matter how you express that. Please feel free to be as open as you are comfortable with being when contacting me for the first time. I'm only interested in knowing what you want to share.

How about disabled folks?

I spent a number of years working as a part time PSW andI  am not only someone who loves to help others fulfill their desires, but I have the added experience of working within the disabled community for a number of years. As I have already mentioned, my main goal is to create an encounter that is comfortable and free of any kind of judgement. My incall location is relatively accessible, but other arrangements can be made for individuals with mobility devices or other specific concerns. I also understand that Tribute can be a barrier and I am always happy to discuss some kind of PWYC arrangement so please don't be shy.

Do you have/allow reviews?

'You are so much than just something to brag about later' -Anonymous

To be perfectly honest, if I could change one thing about this industry it would be the entire review process. I do not discourage reviews, but I do not encourage them either.  I have been lucky enough to have had many reviews posted about me over the years that can still be found on TER, TERB and CAERF as well as others. But keep in mind. Just because I have lots of great reviews, it doesn't mean we're guaranteed to have a good time. So I recommend basing your decision on what you read/see on my website, not the review boards.

If you really must post a review please keep in mind that we all have a right to discretion and to be treated like human beings. I do not appreciate dirty details, number ratings, or repeating the things we talk about or do. I wouldn't post all the details and descriptions of you and our time together. I request that you offer me the same consideration.