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It will only take a moment, I promise. Please fill out this contact form and don't forget to include as much information as possible. The rewards are sooo worth it, you'll be very glad you did. 

Also remember, this form goes straight to my inbox. There is no reason to send me an email as well as my form. One or the other is all I need as long as you have provided your info.

Don't forget to include your reference from a verifiable, established Companion, first and last name, and city are all I need or your third party sites such as LinkedIn, personal employment website etc. As well, please remember that I require 24 hours notice and all first time lovers must provide a deposit of 50%. Sadly, these requirements are non-negotiable.

I apologise but incomplete forms will not receive a response. So please provide all the required info the first time. 

You’re only a few steps away from experiencing the endless possibilities of pleasure.

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