It's that time of year again!

Hello my Loves!

How was your summer? I hope it was filled with sunshine and happy memories to get you through the coming frozen hellscape that is Canada's winter time. 


The one good thing about the end of summer? It's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! Yes, I am yelling. Yes, I am excited. Yes I will have less time that I usually do. But. No need to worry. I have updated September's calendar with my availability, and moving forward it should stay pretty much the same as it is here: So go check it out and let's find some time to indulge and get lost in each other. 

The other thing I wanted to say to you all is, I'm very sorry! You may have noticed that I have been quiet on social media and very slow to respond to emails the last 2-ish weeks. My father had a heart attack and I spend most of the last 2 weeks up north being the dutiful daughter. He's on the mend and progressing very nicely thankfully so no need to worry. But I'm still getting through email as well as trying to make sure I'm all ready for my first class, first thing Monday morning. It's been a hell of a summer! Another reason why I'm so happy to be just days away from getting lost in the wonderful worlds of Art History, Women's Studies and Jewish Studies (who's surprised by my course selection this year? Anyone? Did you think I would be anything but 100% on brand for year 2?)

Some of you may still be waiting for responses, I'm doing my best. If you're tired of waiting feel free to send a little reminder. The busy never seems to stop but thankfully, email means I can respond from wherever I might be. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you very soon.