August Updates & Stuff

IMG_1211Happy Long Weekend Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and the extra time off.

I had a mini vacation earlier in the week, check out this little shot of the view from my hotel room. Not too shabby, if you aim your camera to the left. I didn't get a chance to check out the view until I was getting ready to check out. I think that's a pretty good indicator of what a whirlwind of a wonderful time I had in NYC.

Since my vacation time is over (sadface) I'm back to (relatively) regularly scheduled hours.

So, I don't want to continue to feed the trolls. There's been stuff going on lately that I actually knew nothing about until I was faced with it (Still bummed by the community reaction and the drama and flame throwing that's gone on when we should be supporting each other and looking out for each other). Sadly, we can conduct ourselves better but many of us, SP's and clients and fans and whoever, we sometimes forget that the whole community is watching us when we communicate through social networking.

So for reasons that don't really bare repeating I've got a few changes that are unfortunate but necessary at the moment. For those of you who go to the T---board that shall not be directly named, to see if I'm available you won't be able to find me there so easily. I will will still advertise on the other sites I've been using. I encourage you all to join Preferred411, Adultfax or download Lux Verify app to your phone. Because unless you have been verified through one of these, or a similar service, I will require a brief coffee date prior to our encounter. This is hopefully only a temporary measure but sadly, it's necessary.

For those of you who already know me well I'll be sending out a brief newsletter with some more info that I would like you all to know. Otherwise, my schedule will be updated monthly on Preferred411, again, I highly recommend giving it a look if you haven't already, and my ads will be where they usually are. This blog and my Tumblr will also have some info but since my schedule is subject to change so frequently it gets hard to maintain an accurate calendar, I welcome you to send me a message and find out if I am available when you are. The worst that can happen is we have to try for another day. But the good things that could happen if you do.... Well, the possibilities are endless.

For now you can catch me this week:

Tues. Aug. 4: 9am-9pm

Thurs. Aug. 6: 12pm-11pm

Fri. Aug. 7: 9am-9pm

Sat.Aug. 8: 12pm-8pm

I have lots of time to get sexy this week! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble I can get up to. Hopefully you'll come get into trouble with me!

I know some of you have been waiting for this one!

The photos I took with the gorgeous Talia Trove are in and we will be debuting sometime very soon (soon, like tomorrow soon? Could be...). I can't wait for you to see them. I know I always say that when I have new pictures to show you but Talia is by far the HOTTEST duo partner I've ever had. Let's just be honest here folks. And the fact that she is almost 6 feet tall means that you have over a dozen feet of long, slender, fit, gorgeous, Babes! to wrap around you when the 3 of us get together. Her soft, tattoo free skin and my beautiful art and colours make us the best of both sexy worlds. If I could, I would book us for a duo asap! ;-)

So stay tuned. There will be lots of very sexy stuff to see in the next few weeks.

Hope you  all have a very sexy weekend!








Happy Monday Afternoon Everyone!  

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Mine was quiet but pretty nice. After all the time put into becoming Carly Black last week I was ready for a quiet weekend.


I really hope everyone is enjoying all the changes! I've had some feedback and its all been really positive so it seems that everyone is warming to all the changes which makes me very happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Being Carly Black! The last week or so has felt a little different. I think part of me felt like I was pretending to be Veronica but now I feel like I'm able to show you all the real me. Not that anything other than my name and website has changed. Its a small but significant change.


So spring is finally on its way and that means time to start thinking about travel and how I plan on spending the warmer months.

Keep your eyes open, as mentioned before my short time off, I want to go to a few places in the next little while.

For a rough idea of where I'll be and when, below is a list of the cities I am planning on travelling to this spring/summer.


Ottawa: April 9-13 (I will be back to Ottawa roughly every 4-6 weeks schedule permitting for the duration of the summer)

Vancouver/Victoria: Third or fourth week of May

Boston: June

Calgary/Winnepeg: August


I will of course post all the information I have when it becomes available. For those out of province and country, I will post travelling rates when I have the rest of the information for you.


To the folks in Ottawa. I'll start the posting process this week. I can't wait to get back to see all of you I've already had the pleasure of meeting and look forward to meeting some new capital city gentlemen.


For those of you on stay tuned for my Tap & Tell Interview. The interview goes up on April 1 and I will be doing an hour of Q & A on the 1st and the 8th of April so if you dont have an account with TAP and want to get to know your favourite Alt Model and sensual, passionate companion sign up soon so you wont miss your chance.


You can find TAP here:


Hope you all have a great Monday!






Introducing Carly Black (formerly Veronica Lodge)

Ok so I'm about half way through the process of officially becoming Carly Black online. It's a long and tedious process and I honestly have little patience for social networking/boards/etc. 'Cause I'd much rather be face-to-face with a real person than typing away on a computer but none of you fabulous people would be here reading this blog if it weren't for all those websites. :s  

But I'm so happy with the website and I hope you all like it as much as I do. I think it gives you all a good idea of who I am and what you can expect with an encounter with me.


And it's so pretty!


I'm sure some of you are still kind of trying to understand why all the changes. It's pretty simple really. I always loved Archie comics as a girl and thought Betty was too sweet for my taste. I guess you could say I was always team Veronica. So when it came time to choose a name to use on the boards and whatnot on a whim I chose Veronica. She's beautiful and sophisticated but  she's also a nod to  my geeky side. So it seemed appropriate in a cheeky kind of way. But not quite right. And not unique to me.


When I started thinking about updating m website I decided it would be a great opportunity to also update my name. If the website is a better reflection of myself than my name should be too no? So after some more thought than last time I and a few really bad ideas, I chose Carly Black.


Carly could be a sophisticated young women in a trendy little black dress or a  co-ed in jeans and glasses reading The Watchmen in an indie cafe. She's She's a free spirit in black lace lingerie listening to The Ramones on her iPhone. ;D


Don't worry if it takes a little while to adjust. It's not exactly a small change.


Enjoy the site and all it's sights.


See you soon.





Happy Monday All!

Hope you enjoy my latest pic. This was part of a shoot I did a few weeks ago in honour of my soon to be new website (and name change, which will be 'announced' when my new site goes live). I will be releasing a few leading up to the debut of my new site and the rest of this set.

You're all giddy with anticipation. I know. Me too!

Just a friendly reminder for those of you in Ottawa. I will be in your fair city on the 25th and 26th. Message me asap! This will be my last trip to Ottawa until late April and there's still time to take advantage of the discount for prebooking.

Just in case you forgot, book an encounter before noon on the 23rd and my tribute is discounted.

1H: 220 1.5H: 320 2H: 420 3H: 620

Cheers! xoxo


Happy Hump Day All! Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. Only a few days left to do something special for the SO or maybe the friendly Alt Girl SP in your life. Better get on that. ;)

Very excited to share what I have to share today.

So let's start with what you already know. The website and name stuff. As we speak my new website is being built by a very lovely and talented web developer. Still no date yet but it's safe to assume it'll be a month to 6 weeks at least. I don't know about you but I don't know if I can wait that long.

As I mentioned in my last blog with the new website comes a new name. I've chosen something that I think is perfect. The change is intended to be a better fit for me, simple, sophisticated but versatile. The kind of thing that fits a hedonistic socialite, geeky co-ed, and dark sensual pinup while still being easy to remember and just a little cheeky.

I also feel like it gives me more freedom to be myself. Veronica seems like someone who doesn't have much of a fun playful side and I want all of you lovely people to know all the different sides of me, even the one that likes cheesy puns and goofing around. You've been warned? Lol

Other happenings:

New pics will be arriving soon. I will debut a pic or 2 on this website before the new one goes live then keep the rest for the debut of the new site and new name. I'm pretty sure you all will be very pleased with what you see. And a big thank you to the awesome photographer who was generous enough to lend his talents to my little project. I'm very excited for you all to have a chance to see what he can do.

Sadly I will be taking a short break from February 28th to roughly March 14th for health reasons. I *may* see a very select few individuals during this time but all encounters will require 24 hours notice and will only be arranged with those that I have seen before. I'm not interested in getting into details but I will tell you that I am having a very minor mostly cosmetic (though not entirely cosmetic, so no I am not and will not ever get my breasts done. Sorry to disappoint) procedure. Those 2 weeks will be spent mostly on my couch so if any of you were ever thinking about checking out my Wish List now would be a wonderful time to get my that Kindle that I've been wanting so badly.

If we have seen each other before feel free to send me a message and inquire if it;s possible to arrange an encounter during this time. I can't guarantee that I will be able to see you but I will do my best.

In happier news. I will most definitely be back to Ottawa before my surgery. I am thinking about the 25th, 26th and 27th. Leaving on the 24th and returning to Toronto on the 27th. I will start posting next week and since it works so well I will be offering a discount for those individuals who book an encounter with me before noon on the 22nd.

In other travel news. Remember that I mentioned something about Boston? Well that's happening April 1 to 4. I will have more details for you in March so keep an eye out for more news. I am thinking about making it a week long trip so I may add a couple other stops along the way. When that is sorted out I will let you all know.

That's about it for now.



Good Morning to you. Some interesting new developments to note as of late.

We'll start with what you may already know.

I'm heading to Ottawa this week, I'll be staying in the Market this time. It will just be a brief trip, I arrive Wednesday evening and leave Friday morning.  I will be taking bookings for Thursday and  I have time left in the evening for a gentleman interested in a steamy and sexy encounter after work. Message me before noon Wednesday February 5th to get the prebook discount.

In the things most of you don't know yet department:

I plan on doing some travelling in March. Possibly back to Ottawa for a longer visit and a trip to Boston. The Boston trip will be mostly personal but I plan on seeing a few select gentlemen. When I have more info on both trips I will share it with you all. For now just a little tease to get you thinking about all the things we could do together when I'm in your city.

In the coming months I plan on heading to Kingston, Montreal, and possibly one of this great country's coasts. I still haven't been to Vancouver yet so Van City is pretty high on my list. All developments posted as the info becomes available.

Now for the big one. The next month or 2 you all will notice some big changes. Soon this website will be nothing but a link sending you to my new site and that new site will be under a new name.

I'm not ready to share the new name or any specific details, I can however tell you that it's just simply time for a change. The name Veronica Lodge was chosen on a whim. I needed something and it suited it's purpose at the time but now it no longer feels like the right name for me.

I'm writing this blog because I want to be as upfront about these things as possible. I realize name changes can be met with suspicion but I have nothing to hide. I will keep all links to reviews and any other reference to Veronica, my service, donation, and quality of experience that I provide will all remain the same as they are now.

Some of you will end up preferring my current name. These things happen. But it's time for me to develop something a little more detailed and concise. What you will end up getting is more of me. Ok, so that's a change but I think it's a change that all of you will be very happy with. Hopefully you will all walk down this slightly new path with me.

Keep your eyes open for more info. Everything will be shared as it becomes available.

Happy Tuesday!



This was posted on 1 of the forums and I thought I would share my own modified version. The 'Hobbying Code' or, 'How I Expect Others to Behave'

1 - Always Ensure Your SO Does Not Find Out.  Some SO's are just fine with it. Others not so much. If your SO is not the kind of person who can not accept your hobbying it's your responsibility to make she they do not find out. So please be careful and please keep my information as discreet as possible.

2 - Never talk about it within your circle of friends/family (this is why we have terb)

3 - Maintain Your Privacy (especially from terb members)

4 - Always Pay Before Your Encounter Starts (even if you become friends you always pay. It protects both of you)

6 - Always respect the SP (Even if you feel you're not getting what you were looking for. Sometimes people just don't click. How much I refund, if I think a refund is necessary has to do mostly with how you handle yourself in that kind of situation)

7 - Never and I mean absolutely never ever disclose any gossip you have heard about your SP. And never ask your SP to share gossip with you.

8 - Don't bring your hobby feelings home (lock it up when you're back to your family or SO, complain on terb but in no case let it be shown at home)

9 - Always learn something new about the game or SP even if it's a bad session

10 - Remember that I respect your confidentiality at all times. I do not share the details of our encounter with others. Please do the same


Good Afternoon All! Hope everyone is staying warm this cold Tuesday afternoon!

Personally I'm only heading out for provisions (wine, bread, cheese, and chocolate) and am otherwise staying where it's warm, and gotta say, now that the new incall space is all setup just the way we like it, pretty sexy. It's a sexy space. For sexy things. Appropriate.

So remember how I mentioned  would be offering the chance to Skype for those of you interested in spending some time with your favourite Alt Girl Companiton? Then there was a delay. But great news! Delay over.

So this is how it's going to work. Contact me by whichever means works best for you and let me know when you are interested in having our little Skype encounter. Once we have confirmed a time that works for both of us I request you send the tribute by email money transfer. This is really easy and all you need to send a transfer this way is to be signed up for your banks online banking. This is also the most secure way to make this transfer. Both your confidentiality and mine are secured and there will be no Paypal or other suspicious withdrawals from your account. The only downside is the delay. It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours for the transfer to go through depending on your bank. This unfortunately means that transfers need to be done a bit in advance.

Refunds however are super easy however. On my end, I won't deposit the transfer until after our Skype date. Which means that we both have the ability to cancel the transfer should timing not work out. Pretty great huh? Modern technology is a great thing.

Feel free to share any feedback you may have on this new addition.

Hope you all have a wonderful and hedonism filled week!