August Updates & Stuff

IMG_1211Happy Long Weekend Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and the extra time off.

I had a mini vacation earlier in the week, check out this little shot of the view from my hotel room. Not too shabby, if you aim your camera to the left. I didn't get a chance to check out the view until I was getting ready to check out. I think that's a pretty good indicator of what a whirlwind of a wonderful time I had in NYC.

Since my vacation time is over (sadface) I'm back to (relatively) regularly scheduled hours.

So, I don't want to continue to feed the trolls. There's been stuff going on lately that I actually knew nothing about until I was faced with it (Still bummed by the community reaction and the drama and flame throwing that's gone on when we should be supporting each other and looking out for each other). Sadly, we can conduct ourselves better but many of us, SP's and clients and fans and whoever, we sometimes forget that the whole community is watching us when we communicate through social networking.

So for reasons that don't really bare repeating I've got a few changes that are unfortunate but necessary at the moment. For those of you who go to the T---board that shall not be directly named, to see if I'm available you won't be able to find me there so easily. I will will still advertise on the other sites I've been using. I encourage you all to join Preferred411, Adultfax or download Lux Verify app to your phone. Because unless you have been verified through one of these, or a similar service, I will require a brief coffee date prior to our encounter. This is hopefully only a temporary measure but sadly, it's necessary.

For those of you who already know me well I'll be sending out a brief newsletter with some more info that I would like you all to know. Otherwise, my schedule will be updated monthly on Preferred411, again, I highly recommend giving it a look if you haven't already, and my ads will be where they usually are. This blog and my Tumblr will also have some info but since my schedule is subject to change so frequently it gets hard to maintain an accurate calendar, I welcome you to send me a message and find out if I am available when you are. The worst that can happen is we have to try for another day. But the good things that could happen if you do.... Well, the possibilities are endless.

For now you can catch me this week:

Tues. Aug. 4: 9am-9pm

Thurs. Aug. 6: 12pm-11pm

Fri. Aug. 7: 9am-9pm

Sat.Aug. 8: 12pm-8pm

I have lots of time to get sexy this week! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble I can get up to. Hopefully you'll come get into trouble with me!

I know some of you have been waiting for this one!

The photos I took with the gorgeous Talia Trove are in and we will be debuting sometime very soon (soon, like tomorrow soon? Could be...). I can't wait for you to see them. I know I always say that when I have new pictures to show you but Talia is by far the HOTTEST duo partner I've ever had. Let's just be honest here folks. And the fact that she is almost 6 feet tall means that you have over a dozen feet of long, slender, fit, gorgeous, Babes! to wrap around you when the 3 of us get together. Her soft, tattoo free skin and my beautiful art and colours make us the best of both sexy worlds. If I could, I would book us for a duo asap! ;-)

So stay tuned. There will be lots of very sexy stuff to see in the next few weeks.

Hope you  all have a very sexy weekend!








Scheduling Updates

Happy Saturday All! Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather!

Just a quick scheduling update since my current website is all buggy and impossible to update and, frankly, I hate, and don’t make nearly enough effort to, update my calendar on my website.

I’m working out  a better, more efficient way to deal with this issue with my website redesign. Which will be live (fingers crossed!) on Saturday. (Hopefully, lol)

So. For the rest of the month this is what I have available. I will repost this on my blog and on the boards, hopefully this will be enough for now.

  • July 13: 2pm-11pm
  • July 14: 2pm-11pm
  • July 21: 9am-7pm
  • July 23: 9am-9pm
  • July 24: 9am-9pm
  • July 30: 12pm-11pm
  • July 31: 9am-9pm

I know that’s not a lot of time, I should have more in August. But I’d love to hear from you, so send me a message as soon as possible and let’s see if we can make our busy schedules match for a few hours of indulging and hedonism.


Some more updates and stuff

Happy Monday All! I hope everyone had a super gay weekend this weekend!

Whether you were marching, supporting, avoiding the crowds, or simply leaving the fun for those of us on the LGTBQ spectrum you have to admit that a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating our love, those who fought to get us here, and our freedom, is hard to deny. There was a lot of love flowing in Toronto this weekend. I’m always pretty blown away by how much this city loves Pride.

(Even the small group of bigots couldn’t out do us despite they’re best efforts. Hate might be an ever present detractor in our lives but #loveislouder)

I have a few quick updates to fill you in on this sunny Monday afternoon.

First: I have a new gorgeous tall enchanting duo partner and I can’t wait to do more duos with this extremely sexy lady! Talia Trove and I are available for duos, incall or outcall, with 24 hours notice minimum. Send me a message today and you could find yourself the blissful center of this very sexy duo. Thank goodness my modern, trendy incall space is well air conditioned because we really make the temperature rise!!

Second: Just a reminder. My website is once again delayed (remember when I started talking about this in March? ‘Cause that’s how long I’ve been reminding you it’s been delayed) I finally have a reliable and trustworthy designer working vigilantly to make all the changes I have requested and what they have come up with is something truly worthy of Toronto’s only tattooed VIP Companion and Pinup Girl. It’s going to be gorgeous! And. It’s going to be ready mid July. For reals. Not August. But. July.

Third: Once again I just want to remind you that my rates will be changing as of July 1. As I mentioned in my previous blog, if you have seen me before this rate change will not affect you. But if we have not had the opportunity to meet before July 1st my new rates will be as follows:

90 min: $450

2H: $550

3H: $750


As I have also mentioned, I’m raising my rates as an alternative to the tired old ‘I’m not seeing new clients any longer’ and to cover a  cost of living increase. I’m very busy these days and have cut down a bit on my availability to new clients but I do not believe in cutting people off. I look forward to meeting as many new and wonderful gentlemen as my schedule allows.

That’s all for today Lovelies!

I hope you are all off to a great start to your week!



Finally we have a date!

Well, sort of. Web design. You know. These things take hours or weeks. (And all depend on how motivated everyone is.....) ;)

So, the new site will be up in about 3 more weeks. If there are no further delays. I was officially told 3 weeks from today.

But. It’s time I let you all know the second biggest change you will see when you head back to after the new website has gone up.

It’s been about a year and it’s always a bummer and a very hard decidion to do this but since we all require a yearly cost of living increase I will be raising my rates to 350 an hour and I will be getting rid of the 1 hour option unless we have gotten to know each other well.

As I mentioned, this is mostly about a cost of living increase. In the last year I have decided to go out completely on my own, no roommates and no one renting my space in the off time. I’ve found that I’m happiest this way, sadly this is just how our society, and frankly, community works.

Some of you may have noticed that I have less time available than I used to and sometimes don’t even post on the boards for over a week at a time.

I won’t lie to you, I had some health issues on and off over the last 8 months or so (really fine now but your concern is appreciated) but mostly I’ve been occupied with working.

Which is another reason for these rate changes. I do not want to be the girl saying ‘I’m so exclusive I’m not taking new clients until further notice’. I’m always happy to meet new sexy gentlemen and try to make as much time for them as possible. But I want to encourage you lovely gentlemen to take your time and have an opportunity to connect, maybe share some white wine or some scotch, and get to know each other while still having more than enough time to get totally naughty and sinful.

I know this will make some of you unhappy and I do apologize for having to make these changes. But as before, those who have taken the time to get to know me will not be affected by this rate change.

And, since there’s still (at least) 3 weeks until these changes take effect now is a great time to send me an email or text message and set up a first encounter.

Rater changes will officially take effect July 1st. (Hopefully so will the rest of the website changes)

Looking forward to seeing some new faces this summer!


Montreal & Niteflirt!!

So. I want to go to Montreal this weekend!

It' the F1 race and of course, it's Montreal!

The thing is, since it's last minute I need a couple bookings or I just can't go.

So if youe're in or around Montreal from the 5th-7th and would like to spend some time with Toronto's only VIP Alt Model Companion then send me an email or text asap and let's see if w can make this work.

Please remember, the nature of a last minute trip means I can only go if there's enough interest. So don't delay!!

If you're not local to Montreal or Toronto and want to get your Carly fix. Or get just get to know me a little better you can now catch me on Niteflirt a few days a week.

The link is included. So click and say hello. Or check out my Niteflirt profile and say hello another day!

Call Button

Looking forward to making some new friends this weekend! Hopefully between pit stops! ;)

Back and ready to get naughty ASAP!

Hello! It's been a little while.

My vacation was very nice. And very needed.  But now that it is over I am looking forward to getting back to my routine and spending some time with some wonderful Gentlemen. Also, vacations are very nice but I have some itches that need to be scratched!


The big news. Which I believe you have already heard or at least picked up on.

Some of you know that I moved into my last space in June 2014 after leaving the space I was sharing with someone who turned out to be very destructive.

Well. There is no other way to say this. That place was a lemon! And not far enough away from other destructive and unpleasant things that I needed to be far away from. Liberty Village is the worst. If you are ever thinking of moving there my advice to you is. Don't do it. Just. Don't.

The building was brand new. I was the first tenant in my unit. It should have been a trendy modern Liberty Village condo. It was not!

Some of the the things I had to deal with:

-Elevators constantly breaking down. (31 floors in the building!)

-Leaking HVAC that led to massive flooding throughout the building

- A month and a half of workers, water damaged floors, no floors, then new floors that were never finished

-Improperly installed appliances that leaked and further damaged the *new* floors

-Heating went off a number of times. The worst was 5 days of extreme cold advisory

-A/C breaking down. I had air conditioning for 5 weeks last summer.

Needless to say the last 9 month have not been the fresh new start that I was hoping for. It was. The opposite.

So I have been looking for a new space for months. The property management company from the Lemon runs so many buildings in this city and frankly, they and the construction company they work with, are criminals. Really. Don't. Live. In. Liberty. Village. Stay away!! For the love of all that is right in the world do not go to there! ;)

By now you have also surmised that my vacation was moving related. You would be correct in that assumption.

On Tuesday I moved into a gorgeous new condo in the neighbourhood of Fort York. My space is wonderful! Everything was ready and finished when I moved in (despite the fact that my lease stated that curtains would be installed before occupancy date. They were installed a month after I moved in) my bedroom is bigger, my living room usefully laid out, I have a beautiful walk-in shower and HEATED FLOORS IN THE BATHROOM! I also have wrap around balcony (corner unit what?!) with a spectacular view.

My new space is also so much more convenient than Liberty Village! But still close enough for those of you who find the LV more convenient. If you're downtown, or, coming from north of the city I'm much more convenient here in 'Fort York'. If you're coming to/leaving Toronto from the Island Airport I'm in a very convenient spot to start or finish your trip to Toronto with a bang!

In case you haven't picked up on this yet. I am so much happier here than I was in my last space and am seriously looking forward to getting to know some of you lovely gentlemen here in my great new space.

I also can't tell you how much this one feels right. This is the start I was supposed to have almost a year ago and everything about life is just so much better now that I am no longer in white-yuppy hell. (I am and always will be deep down in my core an Anarchist. And I am not afraid to admit it)

Good things are happening. Life is kinda lovely right now.

I can't wait to spread some of this joy.

I am available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and, Friday this week so give me a shout.

If you haven't seen it yet. I have a new number for you too.

647-559-2475 This number is text only. I do not answer phone calls and if you call me it will go right to a politely worded voicemail message informing you of such. This is an important point guys and I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

If you ignore an SP's requests or guidelines or boundaries during the screening process you are saying very clearly 'I don't listen to your boundaries now and I don't plan to listen to them when we are together'

For this reason. If you call me. I will not see you.


Thanks for taking the time to get caught up with me this afternoon.


Looking forward to seeing soon.




Taking a week off.

Hello All! Hope your week is going well.

Another quick update for you.

I will be *VERY* busy the next few days. Lots of big changes happening and there is much to be done!

I'm available again as of March 6th. My availability has been updated on my website:

Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to prebook an encounter. I will be checking messages but less frequently so be patient. I won't ignore you.

My phone will most likely be turned off for most of the week. Email is always best anyways. :)

Some of these changes will be happening on my website as I mentioned in a previous update. I've been wanting to spruce things up so might be offline for a little while. Don't worry! It will be back up as soon as possible.

I'll tell you all about my week of when I'm ready to get back to this blog next week.