Hello Lovers!


It's been quite a month. October flew by so quickly! 

November always comes as a relief after the craziness of October. I hope everyone's Halloween was fun and spooooky!

It's also the time of year that makes me want to kick up the romance. Something about the crisp air, grey days, cozy wool things, and turning on the fire place for the first time. Makes me want to spoil someone, and be spoiled in return....

And now I have a bunch of big changes to tell you all about. 

First. The annoying stuff.

Stripe has recently bowed down to big bank pressure and no longer allows adult related commerce. Fuck that!! Stripe was one of the few Sex Work friendly options available to both CAD and USD. I'm looking for new options but at the moment things are pretty restrictive. 

I am still accepting Interac email transfers and Bitcoin as forms of payment for deposits, Skype dates, gifts, and for those interested in the other lovely things I have available like panties and stockings etc. Hopefully I'll find a suitable replacement for Stripe soon. 

Second, more annoying news. The new website. It's beautiful and I'm so pleased with it! But sadly it does not have the same secure membership options as  the last site. :( It looks like the VIP section is going to have to continue it's hiatus until the new year.

I will be keeping the old site up as promised. I've decided it's best to let everyone's memberships run out and look into some other options for the new year. 

So, as sad as it is to see the VIP and newsletter disappear. At least there's something to look forward to next year. 

I'm looking forward to showing off some of the content I've been accumulating recently. And am hopeful that as the year of 'nothing working out right' ends and 2017 begins there will be less road bumps and 'snafus' for all of us!!  (Goodness what a year it's been)

On a much happier note: My new schedule is up on for November and I'm going to even take some time and fill it out for the rest of the year, though things will of course still be subject to change so check back often! ;-)


This week I'm available Thursday, Friday, and, Saturday! Crazy. So drop me a line and let's arrange some time together!