Traveling paramour


 An adventurous spirit and child of the earth. Travel feeds my soul. If you love to travel, or even if you don't but your career requires it, I'm the perfect travel companion. Someone who is happy in just about any setting whether you're a business traveler headed to the big city, or a wander-luster on a tropical adventure, or even just looking for a companion for a long weekend in cottage country.  I'm passport ready and have my travel bag packed full of all the essentials.

The Details:

If we've never met before it's best that we at least spend a couple hours together locally. If that's not possible, I will require 2 references from Providers you have traveled with for more than 48 hours as well as my regular screening process.

I need at least 6 hours sleep each night we are together or I won't be my vibrant, witty, and, adorable self the following day. Extra points if room service brings up a soy latte and a scone or croissant before I'm out of bed. ;-)

I also request an hour or 2 each day for both of us to have a little alone time. I find that this is the best way to keep our interests high and our desires hot!

To make a booking you will be required to send me the cost of the plane tickets in time for me to purchase my own as well as a deposit of 25% of the total Tribute at least 7 days before the day of our departure.

Please have the remainder of the Tribute for our time together in an unsealed envelope waiting for me in the hotel room, placed in clear view, when I arrive.


Tribute for Travel Companionship:

Minimum 2 days (48 hrs): 5600

Each additional day (24 hours): 2000