more of me, just for you

For my Very Important Paramours

I know you've been longing for a chance to get even more of me and now you can. Below are some of the other ways to indulge, whether it's some sexy media content or one-on-one time. Keep reading to see all the steamy, satisfying possibilities

More options

For those Canadian Lovers Interac Email Money Transfers are the easiest way to deal with the issue of deposits. International Lovers are free to use other options. Bitcoin is available for the techier folks out there and finally! I'm happy to receive Amazon or Visa Giftcards. You may also use P*ypal to send deposits but it is paramount that you use discretion while using this option. I will only accept this option if an Email transfer is not possible. So please follow my instructions to the letter. I can't express how much I appreciate someone who follows my requirements!

TL;DR: Send me an email and we will figure out the best, fastest option according to your particular needs. 

more social

Twitter (@ShalomHarloe) isn't the only options for more social fun. I'm now on Snapchat and I am loving this app! So much potential for fun. sexy, artsy, or even silly clips and pics and they're all just for you! It's only $40 to follow for unlimited access. All you have to do is send me an email letting me know how you would like to provide the $40 and once I have received it I will send you the link to my Snapchat profile.

If you have ventured over to you can find me there as well. Switter is a great new platform for the adult community and I spent a lot of time sharing there so go check it out! You won't regret it!

More Videos and fetish fun

A soft and silky slipdress, the warm inviting comfort of her bedroom, a moment to herself, and her toys. Try not to hurt yourself, it's only a video. That's all you get.

Here's a torturous little masturbation video for you to get so close you'll feel like licking my sweet little bits. But you haven't earned anything more than this gorgeous view. So buy this video then tribute generously and maybe one day you might be worthy of this Madame.

After a long day of getting you dirty and making you sweat your Madame needs a nice hot shower. Try to contain your messes while you keep to peek in on your Madam as she washes the filth away. If you're good (generous) maybe you can be her towel boy one day.

Madame Harloe is home alone and feeling naughty. So She made a little video for her cuck. Don't you wish you were good enough to please her so well?