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Veterans Resources

Veterans Resources

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The ƹƵ salutes veterans and military-affiliated families as we work to be the most military-friendly university in the Upper Midwest. While here, veterans get the resources they need to succeed academically — and the career support needed to thrive after graduation.

With features unique to our size and mission, the ƹƵ helps you maximize your education benefits. You'll have small classes where professors know your name (and make one-on-one time for you), more than 100 majors to choose from, plus a number of opportunities for internships and career mentorships.

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The ƹƵ is a Yellow Ribbon ƹƵ

The ƹƵ is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Students eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill at the 100% rate will receiving enough funding between the VA and St. Thomas to cover their full tuition and fees for fall and spring semesters. Furthermore, students receive a monthly housing stipend ($1,926/month) in addition to a $1,000 book and supplies allowance. Contact Amanda Cantú for more information: amanda.cantu@stthomas.edu or651-962-6555.

For Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Ch 33) students and VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Ch 31) students, our tuition policy complies with 38 USC 3679(e) which means Post 9/11 and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment students will not be charged or otherwise penalized due to a delay in VA tuition and fee payments. For eligibility consideration, a Post 9/11 GI Bill student must submit a VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and a Vocational Rehabilitation Student must provide a VAF 28-1905 form.

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St. Thomas Veterans' Association

The STVA is a military-veteran organization that allows members to network through events, meetings, and ƹƵ service. The STVA provides a link for the St. Thomas ƹƵ to gain insight into the experiences and needs of today’s military-veteran student. *It is not the intent of the ƹƵ to imply endorsement by the U.S. Department of Defense.
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Veterans' Association Health Care

You have access to primary care and other needed medical supports. Connecting to VA Care will serve as health care under the Affordable Health Care Act meaning you will not need to purchase healthcare coverage. VA care limits your liability for out-of-pocket expenses that can occur from trips to the emergency room. You can also work with VA Health Care professionals that understand the needs of returning service members.

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Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs

The ultimate goal of the Higher Education Veterans Program is to empower veterans to create and maintain a network to assist in their lives. The active members of the military have a service network in place to help with all the needs of the military ƹƵ. Yet, once the service person and families leave that network, they are on their own to navigate life and the ƹƵ. St. Thomas wants to help them be successful.

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Family Members of Veteran and Deployed Students

St. Thomas values opportunities to work with student veterans and their families throughout their University experience. St. Thomas’ goal is to create a partnership that enhances our students’ success.

If you have questions or seek direction regarding support for a veteran student call 651-962-6335.

Incoming Undergraduate Veteran Student

If you are an incoming undergraduate veteran student, you will be invited to participate in a one-day orientation for first-year students or a half-day orientation for transfer students. Many veterans appreciate these group opportunities as they include resources fairs and other opportunities to meet new and current students, staff and faculty. These programs also include opportunities for parents, spouses, and guests. Others prefer an individual appointment.

To discuss options, contact the Dean of Students Office (orientation@stthomas.edu, 651-962-6051). Be sure to state that you are a benefits eligible veteran and whether you are a first-year or transfer student.

Contacts for Student Veterans